Regional Contest

St. Petersburg Site

Director of NEERC
Parfenov Vladimir Glebovich
Dean of Computer Science and Software Engineering Faculty, Professor of Computer Technologies Department, SPb IFMO
Contact point for any team eligibility, team selection and contest organization question
address:SPb ITMO University, Computer Technologies Department, 49 Kronverksky av, St. Petersburg, Russia, 197101
phone:+7 (812) 233-42-98
fax:+7 (812) 232-43-18
Jury Chairman
Elizarov Roman Anatolievich
Contact point for any evaluation system, problem set and rules related question
email:elizarov at acm dot org
Head of the Technical Committee
Kazakov Matvey Alexeevich
Contact point for any technical related question
email: matvey.kazakov [put at here] acmicpc [put dot here] org
Secretary of the Organizing Committee
Tuktarova Guzel Removna
Contact point for any general organization questions
phone:+7 (812) 232-46-20
fax:+7 (812) 232-46-20
Vice Director of NEERC, Registration Manager
Stankevich Andrey Sergeevich
Contact point for any registration questions
Vice Director of NEERC for Development and Expansion
Korneev Georgiy Alexandrovich
Contact point for any questions connected with new subregions.

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Barnaul Site

Site home page
Director of Siberian Group of Northeastern European Region
Kruchkova Elena Nickolaevna
Associate Professor of Altai State Technical University
phone:+7 (3852) 36-75-83
The Deputy Head of The Organizing Commitee of Siberian Group
Kantor Semen Avraamovich
The Head of Department of Applied Mathematics of Altai State Technical University
phone:+7 (3852) 36-75-83

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Tbilisi Site

Organizing Committee Chairman
Lasha Kandelakishvili
Professor, Rector of European University
Head of Jury
Hamlet Meladze
Professor, High of the Program of Information Technology and Computing Modeling of Saint Andrew the First-Called Georgian University of the Patriarchy of Georgia
phone:+995 99 57 44 56
Teodore Zarkua
Professor of Georgian Technical University, President of Association of Support of Programming (Georgia)
phone:+995 99 49 59 10
Head of Technical Committee
Maia Khurtsilava
Professor, European University

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Almaty Site

Director of Middle Asia Group of Northeastern European Region
Bakhyt Matkarimov
Nazarbayev University
Deputy director of Middle Asia Group of Northeastern European Region
Askar Akshabayev
Associate Professor, Faculty of Information Technologies, Kazakh-British Technical University
Contact Person
Temirulan Mussayev
Lector, Faculty of Information Technology, Kazakh-British Technical University

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